Product Announcement - RHEINZINK New Generation of Graphite-Grey

RHEINZINK has begun production of a new generation of graphite-grey colour.

The material RHEINZINK prePATINA graphite-grey has a surface protection with anti-finger-print (AFP) properties. This AFP protects the material during the building phase from pollution. It depletes during the process of patina development over a period of time and will be replaced by the natural patina.

The new generation of colour is very similar to the current graphite-grey, however, due to the new AFP coating will weather much slower (eventually weathering to the same natural patina of the existing graphite grey). Due to the difference in weathering time mixing batches is not recommended.

Gutters of the new material generation will not be foil protected in future. The semi-finished goods will be delivered with foil protection by default until the end of 2016, because these products are mentioned in our product offering in this configuration today. Nevertheless these products will be available without foil protection from now on.

The solderability of the surface quality RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey has been tested. The material is solderable by using the Felder dissolver in combination with the solder flux Felder ZD-pro or with the Felder-dissolver in combination with the solder flux Z 04-S. Alternatively the soldering seam can be cleaned abrasively and then soldered with the solder fluxes Felder ZD-pro or Z 04-S. The use of the solder flux Perkeo-Piranha did not achieve usable results. The use of RHEINZINK-tin-solder (lead-free) is possible without any problems.

The regulations for the application of RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey in different climate zones can be handled in the usual manner.