Power Seamers for AR Installations Now Available Directly from DI Seamers

Effective January 1, 2017, AGWAY Metals will no longer supply Power Seamers to customers for installation of its metal roof systems.

Due to the limited quantities of power seamers available through AGWAY, some of our Customers were experiencing wait times when starting AR installation projects, this issue necessitated a change. As a result, AGWAY Metals has secured DI Seamers as the key source for power seamer rentals. You will now be able to rent the seamer, at a reasonable fee, enabling you to proceed with project starts without delay.

One more way that we simply make it Easier to do Business With.

DI Seamers is renowned for providing high quality products, in excellent condition – both mechanically and cosmetically – to all Agway Metal builders and customers that require a power seamer for a specific installation.

The appropriate operation manual for each seamer is accessible directly from the D.I. Roof Seamers website – or by calling D.I. Roof Installers at 1-888-343-0456.