2017 CSSBI Award of Recognition awarded to Jamie Robertson of Agway Metals Inc.

The CSSBI’s current President, Warren Fournier (right) of Canam Group Inc. awarded the 2017 CSSBI Award of Recognition at the Annual Meeting banquet held on June 4th, 2017 in Vancouver, BC to Mr. Jamie Robertson (left) of Agway Metals Inc. 

The CSSBI Award of Recognition is intended to pay tribute to an individual or company who by their efforts have furthered the goals of the Institute, expanded the scope of sheet steel in construction and improved the quality of the construction industry in Canada. The individual or company has accomplished the above criteria without regard to personal or corporate gains but with the good of the industry and the Institute as a focus.

Congratulations to Jamie Robertson and thank you for your contributions to the industry!

Originally posted on the CSSBI website 06.22.16 By Meredith Perez