AGWAY 2012 CFBA Project Award Winners

2012 CFBA Project Award Winners
Congratulations to the four AGWAY METALS-sponsored category winners in the Canadian Farm Builders Association’s 2012 Builder Awards competition:

Horse Category 1
Winners – Jim and Lorna Kearns’, Horse Barn and Run-n
Builder – Post Farm Structures
Horse Category 2
Winners – Bob and Nancy Torokvei’s, Stable and Arena Renovation
Engineered – Tacoma Engineers
Builder – Post Farm Structures
Poultry Category
Winner – David & Christine Meadows, Single Storey Chicken Barn
Engineered – R.J. Burnside Engineers
Builder – HFH Inc.
Other Livestock Category
Winner – Paul Horst, Multi-Use Horse & Sheep Barn with Workshop'
Designed – GL Carpentry
Builder – HFH Inc.