Trying to Imagine How Your House Might Look With a Steel Roof?

AGWAY makes that easier, too!

Sure, you’ve read about the increased longevity, better performance and environmental advantages offered by today’s modern steel roofs. You may also have noticed how dramatically their popularity has increased, as homeowners realize the superior long-term value they offer; and, you may have even seen some you thought looked really good. So, now you’re wondering whether you should be considering a steel roof for your own home.

AGWAY’s steel roof colour visualizer you choose your preferred profile, style and colour combination, and get to view it on a house structure that best characterizes your home or cottage.

Step 1: Select Your AGWAY Roof Profile from 5 Available Options

From the traditional beauty of conventional stylings, to the sleek, modern lines of contemporary design, AGWAY’s broad range of residential roof solutions combines the unmatched durability and protection of steel with stunning architectural aesthetics, delivering a roof that complements any home or cottage, as well as its immediate surroundings.

 AR Profile

AGWAY’s AR Standing Seam Profiles offer a raised rigid standing seam at three different depths and an assortment of widths to achieve a variety of contemporary, architecturally pleasing designs.

 NS Profile

One of AGWAY’s most popular profiles, NS is also one of the more economical choices. The NS Series installs quickly and offers clean, contemporary lines with no exposed fasteners. 

SL Profile

AGWAY’s Snap-Lock profile is a visually stunning board and batten roofing solution, designed to deliver long-lasting performance. The Snap-Lock profile delivers a clean appearance, with no exposed fasteners, hidden clips, and knee caps. SL is an ideal choice for both homes and cottages. 

Century Rib Profile

Century Rib is AGWAY’s more traditional steel roof option. The Century Rib system is an exposed fastener profile that allows for quick and easy installation. 

Springhouse Shingles

AGWAY’s Springhouse Shingles provide a unique and spectacular looking roof with traditional appeal. Engineered with a textured finish to look like traditional shingles, Springhouse shingles offer a rugged and long lifecycle that is maintenance free. Ideal for new homes or simply retrofitting historical homes, Springhouse Shingles features concealed fasteners with no exposed cut edges, which keeps the traditional look consistent. 

Step 2: Now, Choose Your Preferred Roof Colour.

AGWAY’s Colour Visualizer was designed to give you a realistic visual simulation of your chosen colour on a roof comparable to yours. With up to 18 colours from which to choose, you’ll quickly see how each colour/profile combination can transform the appearance of your roof into a modern, classic, or traditional design. You may even be surprised by what colour you think looks best!

Step 3: Now, Pick the Style of House Most Like Yours.

Decide which of the three housing style template options is most like your home or cottage: the bungalow; the two-storey home; or the cottage? Now you’ll be able to see a visual rendering that integrates your combined choices of house style, roof profile and colour.

Want a Closer Look at the Rendered Simulation?

To zoom in on your final rendering, simply navigate to enlarge the building so that you can obtain a closer and more accurate look at both the profile and colour of the roof. 

Do a 360º Walk-around of Your Selected Steel Roof Profile.

In order to obtain a true sense of what the profile looks like from any angle, simply navigate on the profile image, which will enlarge and appear in a separate window; then just employ the rotational tool to ‘orbit’ around the profile. At AGWAY, our goal is to make it easier for you to see, up close, what each profile looks like, from any angle. It’s just one more offering that makes AGAWAY easier to do business with.