Titanium Underlayments

Titanium Underlayments


AGWAY Metals Introduces New Synthetic Underlayment Products Available in Canada

Titanium UDL-30 for use under metal, tile, shake and shingle. 

AGWAY’s new Synthetic Roofing Underlayment products offer a clear and distinct advantage over the traditional felt based underlayments.

Titanium is Simply Stronger!

Synthetic roofing products are 25 times stronger than asphalt saturated felt paper and unlike conventional felt underlayments it wont blow off in the wind or tear under foot.

 Titanium is Designed not to Tear

Synthetic roofing products are designed with an advance mechanical slip resistant walking surface – conventional felt wrap can be slippery and dangerous when slightly wet.

 Titanium is UV Protected

Synthetic roofing products provide up to six (6) month UV exposure and it lays flat and not expand or contract. No need for tarps or rushed projects. Remains dry in your roof for up to  six (6) months. In comparison conventional felt wrap dries out and can crack in the sun or buckle when wet.

 Titanium has a Lifetime Warranty

Synthetic roofing comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Conventional felt underlayments has no warranty.

 Titanium 100% Recyclable 

Synthetic roofing underlayments are  100% Recyclable. It is Inert and non-toxic. UDL’s contribute to LEED Points. Conventional felt wrap is saturated in asphalt which makes it very difficult to recycle.

 100% Impervious to Mold

Synthetic construction is 100% impervious to mold in comparison, conventional felt wrap underlayment’s are more susceptible to mold which has a tendency to feed on the paper.

 Titanium Temperature Service Range is Exceptional

Conventional asphalt saturated felts can freeze in the cold and are difficult to unroll. Conventional felts can also leach oils in the heat.



Patented Sure-Foot® slip resistant nodular walking surface and an advanced resin technology that provide superior steep slope walk-ability.

  • 6 months UV exposure
  • 6 times lighter and 20 time stronger than #30 felt.
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Class A Fire ASTM E108, meets & exceeds ASTM D226 
  • Meets Class 4 Hail Rating
  • Contributes to LEED® points
  • 100% Recyclable – Non-Toxic and Impervious to Mold
  • Service Range:  -40ºC to 115ºC   (-40ºF to 240ºF)
  • Cool gray surface, doesn’t expand or contract
  • Dual logo custom printing available

TITANIUM UDL-30 Specifications/Technical Data