2016 Photo Contest

 Announcing the first annual AGWAY photo contest.


ICI construction

Prizes (in each category)

First prize: Apple iPad
Second prize: Apple iPad Mini
Third prize: $200 gift card

 Tips & Tricks

  1. Photograph your project from an angle that highlights a unique feature.
  2. Wait for nice weather to capture the project in the best light.
  3. Return to the project after it has been finished and landscaped.
  4. Take pictures at highest resolution of your camera.
  5. Large files can be submitted using WeTransfer at www.wetransfer.com


  1. Contest open to all Agway customers.
  2. Submissions to include project name & location, applicator, Agway products and colours, contact info of person submitting.
  3. Photos will become the property of Agway Metals and Agway will have full rights to use them in any way.

 Contest closes Dec 16, 2016.

 All submissions to be sent to Burk Blanck at bblanck@agwaymetals.com

Download the Contest Page