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Agway has a full complement of fasteners to accommodate every industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential project. From Metal to Wood to Metal to Metal Agway can offer both head and screw types ideal for the job. Agway’s selection guide gives you a first hand evaluation of the various tapping and self-drilling fasteners with recommended drill bit size where applicable.


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Metal to Wood

metal to wood diagram

Drilling capacity: 24 gauge (0.024″)

Self drills through metal panel and taps into wood substrate.  Minimum penetration into substrate should be no less than 1″

Metal to Metal:  Self Drilling

metal to metal-self drilling diagram

Drilling capacity: 0.035″ – 0.210″

Thickness is based on normal, single thickness purlin/girt or multiple material thickness combined for total.

Minimum projection: 3/16″ of threads below substrate

Metal to Metal: Self -Tapping

metal to metal-self tapping diagram

Attachment thickness: 0.044″ – 0.075″


0.021 – 0.026 1/8″ (0.125 mm)
0.027 – 0.050 3/16″ (0.187 mm)
0.051 – 0.075 #8 (0.199 mm)


The hole size determines installation strength and pullout strength.

Thickness is based on normal, single thickness purlin/grit or multiple material thickness combined for total.

Minimum projections: 3/8″ of threads below substrate.

Head Types

head types

Screw Types

screw types

Measurement Type