image of Fiberglass Embossed Board
image of Fiberglass Embossed Board

Fiberglass Embossed Board

Agway’s Fibreglass Embossed Board is ideal for interior wall and ceiling liner, Food processing plants, agricultural applications, confinement areas, coolers and car washes.

Agway’s AMP Liner Panels, Fibreglass reinforced plastic panel, are ideal as wall and ceiling liner, Agricultural confinement areas, Industrial and Commercial buildings.


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Note: This is not a stock product – allow 2 weeks for delivery


  • Pebbled embossed finish.
  • Will not dent, splinter, rot or rust
  • Government-Accepted for Food Production areas (#7741G28)
  • Easy to clean – pressure wash
  • Easy to install – screw fasten or apply with Nylon Drive Rivets
  • Clean, bright appearance
  • Trims available – see below
  • This product will expand and/or contract under certain conditions
  • Fire Resistant Panels are also available


Interior Wall and Ceiling Liner, Food Processing Plants, Kitchens, Hog Confinement Areas, Coolers, Car Washes, etc.

Storage Sizes

48” x 8’ and 48” x 10’
Available in 0.090” thickness only


Acclimate panels for 48 hrs. prior to installation


Pre-drill holes 1/8” larger than screws.  Panels must be positioned to leave a minimum gap of 1/4″ at floor and ceiling and 1/8″ between panels.  If moulding is being used, these dimensions must be increased proportionally to allow for expansion and contraction. For Embossed Board, adhesive must be approved for use on Fiberglass.


  • 3/4” Two-piece Drive Rivet
  • 1-1/2” Two-piece Drive Rivet
  • #12 x 3/4” Pan Head Screws, White-White
  • Siliconized interior white acrylic latex sealant

Trims for 1/8” Sheet

(All Trims in 10’ lengths)

v-1 end cap trim  v-3 t-joiner trim  v-5 inside corner trim

v-7 outside corner

Fibreglass Sheets 6 oz. / 8 oz.

  • Type 1 General Purpose (Non-Fire Rated), no surface protection
  • 6 oz. and 8 oz. Thickness
  • Manufactured to match profiles of steel roofing and siding
  • Available in Clear (6000) and Green (6001)

Measurement Type