Flat Lock Panels

Flat Lock Panels

The design of AGWAY Metals Flat Lock Wall and  Roofing Panels is based on a modular panel system which results in delivering a more traditional rectangular design. The versatile panel is available in various sizes which allows the option to mix and match in order to create a more unique design. The Flat Lock panel system utilizes concealed clips and fasteners which results in a more appealing and attractive panel exposure.

The versatility of the Flat Lock panel allows for very fast and easy installation which makes it very affordable for residential as well as commercial use.

Flat Panel Size

Flat Lock Panels are available in standard sizes with a horizontal coverage of 36” and a vertical coverage of 16” allowing for a 1”hem. The actual coverage area would be 33” x 13”.

Flat Panel Weight

Flat Lock panels are available in 26 and 24 gauge.

Available Material

Rheinzink, stainless, aluminum and copper.

Available Colours

With a choice of over 40 stock and special colours available including the Perspectra Plus Series, KYNAR 500 and the GraniteDeep Mat colours you have a wide variety of colour and design options available to you.