Natural Zinc

Natural Zinc

Natural Zinc. The Unique Beauty of Zinc. The Benefits of Steel.

Responding to Architectural demand for products delivering a natural and authentic finish, Agway Metals introduces the latest product in our Print Series collection – Natural Zinc.

Natural Zinc: Amazing Authenticity

You’ll be amazed at the visual authenticity of zinc emulated by Agway’s new Natural Zinc print. Delivering a consistent appearance with a protective coating that provides a fingerprint resistant finish over the entire installation, this ensures your project will keep looking new now and into the future.

Natural Zinc: Architectural Freedom

For architects and builders, the advantage of Agway’s Natural Zinc opens a new world of affordable creativity. The durability and colorfastness of the Natural Zinc finish offers superb manufacturability during roll forming with no need for special preparation or handling.

Natural Zinc: What Makes it Unique!

  • Superior colour consistency
  • Resistant to oxidation, staining, and fingerprinting common with exotic metals
  • Offers unique and convincing emulations of real zinc, along with considerable economic, environmental and operational advantages

Natural Zinc: Fabrication and Installation Advantages!

  • All-season performance make it suitable for installation in any climate
  • Ensures the desired visual aesthetics are controlled, consistent and permanent, throughout the entire coil
  • Reduces the cost of materials, installation and maintenance
  • Is compliant with traditional metal fabrication and installation methods

Natural Zinc: More Efficient – More Cost Effective!

  • Cost effective alternative to exotic metals
  • Is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free

Natural Zinc: Coil Availability

  • 24 Gauge
  • 22 Gauge