Springhouse Steel Shingles

Springhouse Steel Shingles

The Strength and durability of Steel is now available in a shingle style roof. Integrating uncompromised style and design elegance with superior engineering, quality and durability, SPRINGHOUSE SHINGLES™ offer all the benefits of metal roofing in a shingle profile. In addition to faithfully replicating the appearance of traditional shingled roofs, these shingles come with the guaranteed peace of mind that the new roof will last a lifetime. So, over that lifetime of the roof, SPRINGHOUSE SHINGLES eliminate the inconvenience of future roof installations and actually cost less.

A traditional residential roof made with asphalt shingles starts deteriorating the moment it’s installed. Springhouse steel shingles mean you no longer have to choose between appearance and long life. Offering the strength of steel, Springhouse shingles can withstand winds of 120 mph and are impervious to everything nature throws at them, including hail, moisture, extreme weather and temperatures and pollutants. They are also immune to damage from termites, molds and other destructive pests, and able to shed snow, which helps prevent the formation of ice dams and the resulting potential damage. Springhouse steel shingles are, literally, maintenance-free for life.

Springhouse shingles can be installed over an existing roof, thereby reducing waste and environmental pollution, while eliminating the costs of removing and disposing of old shingles. In addition, all the metal in Springhouse shingles is 100% recyclable.

Available in a wide selection of gorgeous colours and finishes, Springhouse steel shingles will elevate the aesthetics of a roof to new heights of beauty, while complementing the home it protects, as well as its natural surroundings. It’s the last roof you’ll install on your home.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Maintenance free
  • KYNAR 500 Paint System
  • Granite Deep Mat colour system
  • Can be applied over existing asphalt shingles
  • Walkable – you can walk on this material without causing damage
  • 9 standard colours, other colours / finishes available upon request
  • Textured finish
  • No exposed cut edges
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Long life span
  • Transferable Warranty

Panel Specifications

3/12 – 12/12 0.015 in
(0.381 mm)
10 3/4” x 34 1/2”
(27 cm x 88 cm)

Installation Video