Decorative Metal Panels

Decorative Metal Panels


For walls, fascia, or soffits, AGWAY’s complete line of Hidden Fastener Decorative Metal Panels is ideal for a variety of applications. Available for immediate shipment, these decorative panels are available in custom lengths up to 20’ in a range of colours, and in vented (round or slotted holes)or non-vented variants.

Hidden Fastener Panels

  • Wall, Fascia or Soffit applications
  • Custom lengths from 1’-0” to 20’-2”
  • Excellent colour selection for immediate shipment
  • Prepainted Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc
  • Custom dimensioning also available
  • Venting available in round or slotted holes
  • Stiffener ribs available in V-Rib or Bubble Rib
    Maximum length: V-Rib: 12’ - 0”, Bubble Rib: 10’ - 0”
  • Available in 26 ga. and 24 ga.
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy Soffit installation - secure with screws or nails to underside of overhang

V-Rib and Bubble Rib Stiffeners

Flashings and Trims F-10/P-75