Easy to handle and install, AGWAY V-Rib Soffits, CH32Vented Soffits and Agri Soffit panels in 26 or 29 gauge, are available in rollformed or custom lengths up to 10 ft., in a variety of finishes or colours.

V-Rib Soffit Panels

  • Custom lengths from 1’-0” to 12’-0”
  • Perforated in lengths up to 12’-0”
  • Available in 29, 26 and 24 ga.
  • Venting available in round or slotted holes
  • Stiffener Ribs available in V-Rib or Bubble Rib
  • Prepainted Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc 
Plain Venting with Holes 
1/8” diameter holes on 1 1/4” centres
Holes on one or both sides
Venting with Slots
1/8” slots on 1/2” centres
One or two rows per side
Slots on one or both sides 

Vented Soffit CH5-32

  • Rollform lengths from 0’-10” to 45’-0”
  • Continuously vented on top face 1/8” dia. holes on 3/8” centres 
  • Stocked in 26 ga. prepainted steel QC18317 White White
  • Other colours available upon request. Contact our estimating department for details
  • Excellent free air area of 6%

Soffit Panels

  • Manufactured from 26 or 29 ga. Prepainted Steel
  • Prepainted Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc
  • Custom lengths up to 10’
  • Precut to required length - no field cutting
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy installation - secure with screws or nails to underside of overhang


  • Non-vented: To cover underside of building overhang (soffit) 
  • Vented: To allow outside air to enter the building and create cross-ventilation
  • Venting available in round or slotted holes 
  • Use in conjunction with roof ventilators