Snap Lock Profile SL

Snap Lock Profile SL

Designed for its ease of installation, AGWAY’s Snap Lock panel system offers variable width panels that install easily – just attach the hold down clip along the panel rib and snap each panel into the previous one. Featuring hidden clips with no exposed fasteners, like Nail Strip, AGWAY’s Snap Lock Profile is easy to install and, making it a popular choice for a wide range of residential, agricultural or commercial projects.

Whether you choose a profile from our Snap Lock, Standing Seam, or Nail Strip roof cladding systems, the result will be a stunning, architecturally distinctive roof that installs easily and has no exposed fasteners. All these durable AGWAY roof cladding products are available in a full range of stock colours, in variable panel widths, and with optional stiffening flutes. All require a single skin application and must be applied over a solid substrate and waterproof membrane, using clips at a maximum of 2’ centres. Knee Caps are also available (same changes).

Dimensions & Specifications


  • No exposed fasteners
  • Ease of installation
  • Full range of stock colours
  • Variable width
  • Optional stiffening flutes
  • Hidden clips for easy installation
  • Knee Caps available
  • No seamer required

Panel Specifications

SL253/12 - 12/120.0236 - 0.030"
(0.610 - 0.762 mm) 
2' 6" - 45'
(0.76 - 13.71 m) 
10" - 28"
(254 - 711 mm) 
SL381.5/12 - 12/120.0236 - 0.030"
(0.610 - 0.762 mm) 
2' 6" - 45'
(0.76 - 13.71 m) 
10" - 28"
(254 - 711 mm)

Side lap caulking is recommended when the slope is less than 2/12

Longer sheets are available. Additional charges may apply.

Oil Canning

  • Oil Canning is naturally occurring phenomenon inherent in all sheet steel.
  • Oil Canning is not a valid reason for rejection of these products


  • Single skin application
  • Recommended that this always be applied over solid substrate
  • Recommended that this be applied over waterproof membrane
  • Clips at maximum 2’ centers - 2 fasteners per clip
  • Snap-in place design
  • Due to potential difficulty in engaging the side lap, 22 GA material is not recommended for applications with a slope greater than 4/12

Standard Panel Widths

(529 mm) 
(490 mm)

Hold-Down Clip Detail

Sheet Overlap Detail w/Hold-down