Posted 2011-06-28

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RHEINZINK® America, Inc. and Agway Metals Inc., Brampton, Ontario, have announced formation of a strategic marketing alliance for the distribution of RHEINZINK products in Canada. Agway has four regional offices covering Canada and will carry RHEINZINK coil, sheet and gutter systems.

“We’re delighted to be reunited with Agway,” said Chip McGowan, president of RHEINZINK America. “The Canadian market is extremely important to us and Agway represents a vital link to contractors and designers.”

James Robertson, president and CEO of Agway Metals Inc., reiterated the importance of the relationship. “The quality of RHEINZINK products is a natural complement to our other metal goods,” Robertson said. “It’s a great fit and we’re pleased to be able to offer RHEINZINK to our customers.”

Established as a wholly owned Canadian company in 1979, Agway Metals is a leading manufacturer/supplier of roll formed metal roofing, cladding and roof and floor decking.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. led the introduction of zinc as an important architectural material in North America and continues to provide comprehensive technical support to architects and contractors. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, RHEINZINK presents a distinctive appearance with outstanding longevity.

For more information on RHEINZINK, call 781-729-0812 or visit www.rheinzink.com.

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Larry McLane