Finishes and Colour Choice… Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Posted on September 6, 2018

Agway Metals’ commitment to delivering unparalleled cladding choices means that we are constantly introducing exciting new finishes and colours capable of fulfilling all types of your project design requirements.

From bright and flashy to plain and subdued, AGWAY gives you choice. From the weathered look of the A606 or a natural look of Roasted Ash or Cherry Woodgrain, to the beautiful patina of RHEINZINK, AGWAY’s complete line of colours and Finishes provides your project with colourful and aesthetically appealing design choices.


RHEINZINK® is the world’s leading brand of architectural-zinc for building applications. RHEINZINK is a natural-weathering metal that forms a blue-gray patina after prolonged exposure to moisture and air.

Roasted Ash

When you desire the aesthetics of wood – but the strength of metal, AGWAY’s Roasted Ash delivers exactly what you need. AGWAY’s Roasted Ash Finish meets the demand for a prefinished product that delivers a natural and authentic wood appearance combined with beauty and the strength of steel.

Cherry Woodgrain

You’ll be amazed at the visual authenticity of wood emulated by AGWAY’s new Cherry Woodgrain finish. With its natural wood appearance, Cherry Woodgrain Finish delivers the aesthetics of wood backed by the strength of steel.


With AGWAY’s A606 Weathering Steel product, you’ll be able to deliver a classic, ‘weathered’ look, with a unique, rust-like appearance that, in the past, could only be accomplished by Mother Nature.

Granite® Deep Mat

Granite® Deep Mat is an organic, finish that combines an architecturally attractive aesthetics with a textured matte surface. The colours present a natural look and feel to the overall project.

Perspectra Plus Series™

Perspectra Plus Series™ is the next generation of our primary paint system. Perspectra Plus Series is more resistant to chalk, fade, chemical degradation and scratching than the previous industry standard paint system. It uses state of the art Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) technology and a new resin backbone which provides enhanced performance to end-users.

Bare Metal Finishes

AGWAY continues to provides customers with the more traditional looking profile finishes such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Copper.