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SlatWall Installation

See how easy it is to install

Trusscore SlatWall installs with screws and a simple tongue and groove connection system that do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike can install quickly.

The boards feature a pre-punched flange and hidden fasteners that provide a smooth, beautiful surface on your wall or ceiling.



A wall storage system that adds storage capacity and organization to any space.

Trusscore SlatWall is a heavy-duty wall storage solution designed to organize your home, office, or workspace.

SlatWall panels add storage capacity and organization when installed in any commercial or do-it-yourself space. A SlatWall organizer is easy-to-install and allows anyone to quickly improve the look and function of their room.


SlatWall Features & Benefits

  • Superior Durability – better scratch, dent and damage resistance than MDF
  • High-strength storage – support up to 75 lbs per square foot with residential, commercial or garage slatwall panels
  • Easy to clean – use standard soap or cleaning agents without impacting the finish
  • Sanitary surface – plastic slatwall won’t support the growth of mold or bacteria
  • Moisture resistant – PVC slatwall panels can be used in any wet location and won’t deteriorate
  • Chemical resistant – stands up to cleaners required in commercial food/agriculture facilities
  • Integrates with Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard – create a seamless wall organization system
  • Easy to install – Interlocking panel system with pre-punched flange is quick and simple for DIY or professional installers
  • Hidden fasteners – slatwall board design provides a beautiful finish for your organized space
  • Available in white and gray – match or compliment any project you design
  • Bright clean appearance – high reflectivity reduces the need for light fixtures
  • Full accessory assortment – hooks, baskets and shelves offer endless organizational possibilities – view our SlatWall Accessories page
  • Flexible – Accessories can be moved at will when storage requirements change
  • Non-proprietary design – supports accessories from any standard slatwall (or slotwall) hanging system with 3” slats



SlatWall Accessories
Turn your walls into a complete organization solution

SlatWall accessories are the cornerstone of any organization project.

Our full range of SlatWall hardware, including: SlatWall Single Hooks, Double Hooks, Bike Hooks, Hose Hooks, and SlatWall Mesh Baskets and Wall Shelving, offers endless organizational possibilities for your residential, agricultural, or commercial storage project. If you’re looking for an organized, accessible solution, the Trusscore SlatWall system is clean, easy to install, and has the flexibility and versatility to meet all your storage needs.


SlatWall Accessories Features & Benefits

  • Locking Mechanism – ensures that SlatWall hangers don’t pop out when items are removed
  • High-Quality Appearance – black, powder-coated finish is a great contrast to SlatWall’s white or gray appearance
  • High-Strength – when used in conjunction with SlatWall panels, the steel SlatWall hanging brackets support up to 75lbs per square foot
  • Easy to Install – slat board wall accessories attach with little effort, making them simple to move
  • Safety – hanging bikes and putting chemicals and tripping hazards on shelves ensures they’re out of harms way
  • Flexibility – Accessories can be moved at will when storage requirements change
  • Non-Proprietary Design – can be used with any standard 3″ slatwall product
  • Versatility – use this wall organizer to store everything from bikes with SlatWall bike hooks in the winter to shovels with double hooks in the summer, organize your home office and give your pantry a clean look all year-round


SlatWall Accessories List*

18” Basket

24” Shelf

Double Hooks (Available 4” and 6”)

Single Hooks (Available 4” and 6”)

Hose Hooks

Bike Hooks

*Special Order: FULL CARTON ONLY or add $25.00 repackaging fee per item

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