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Easy Installation

NorLock by Trusscore panels feature a tongue and groove installation system that requires no special tools or training to install. Making it quick and easy to install for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike.

Watch the video for an overview on how to install NorLock freestanding divider planks in facilities for interior walls and partitions.

For step-by-step instructions on how to install NorLock by Trusscore, download the installation manual.





norlock wall panel application, agricultural. pen walls and doors in a barn.


Superior anti-bacterial performance for sanitary requirements make NorLock divider planks an ideal solution for many animal containment and agriculture applications.


norlock wall panel application, commercial. partial walls in a car wash.


With high strength and durability, NorLock divider planks fit in commercial applications like car washes, dog kennels, and processing plants.


norlock wall panel application, healthcare. temporary cubicles in a hockey arena.


NorLock by Trusscore divider planks are a versatile and cost-effective healthcare building solution, uniquely designed for superior strength and durability, requiring no secondary reinforcement. Allows for quick and easy creation of isolated spaces that are easy to clean.



Strength & Durability
The uniquely durable and abuse-resistant structures of Trusscore paneling products make them ideal for both walls and ceilings of agricultural, commercial and healthcare facilities.

An industry-leading 1/2 inch thick panel with unique inner webs withstands frequent bumps and abuse, giving Trusscore products an outstanding strength not found in thinner panels.

Superior Antibacterial Performance
Trusscore’s lineup of liner panels offers a chemical resistant and sanitary alternative to conventional systems, meeting the rigorous standards of CFIA (Canada) and FDA & USDA (US) requirements for walls and ceilings.

Easy-To-Clean Watertight Design
Easily power wash with soap and water or bleach for easy sanitation and a bright, clean appearance that repels & drains water easily without holding moisture in the panels. Perfect for facilities that must be cleaned frequently, like car wash bays.

With a finished cost that’s comparable to other construction materials, while never needing replacing, repainting, or refinishing, Trusscore’s sanitary wall & ceiling panel systems ensure a lifetime of savings.


NorLock by Trusscore are freestanding divider planks, used in facilities for both interior walls and partitions. Uniquely designed for superior strength, low-maintenance, and abuse-resistant.

The durable planking is able to withstand the extra weight of items fastened directly to it. Ideal product for livestock facilities and animal containment, healthcare facilities, food processing plants, car washes, and dog kennels.

The non-porous smooth planks are easy to clean and maintain, heavy-duty, and impact resistant designed to withstand the most demanding environments.


NorLock Features and Benefits

  • No external support necessary
  • Tight-fitting tongue and groove
  • Non-porous surface is easy to clean
  • Able to structurally support heavy items directly affixed
  • Openings can be cut directly into NorLock
  • Planks and walls
  • High impact tested
  • Lightweight and strong panels for easier transport and installation
  • Available in multiple widths & lengths, including one-piece creep for hog applications
  • No waste
  • Environmentally sustainable – 100% recyclable
  • Bright white appearance with UV stabilizers to prevent discoloring and cracking
  • Full range of planking accessories
  • Made in Canada



Norlock Panel Styles


Flat Top/Bottom



Available Trims and Accessories

Measurement Type