image of Polycarbonate Century Rib Panels
image of Polycarbonate Century Rib Panels

Product Sheet

Polycarbonate Century Rib Panels

Agway has two Polycarbonate Panels to choose from. The Polycarbonate Century Rib panel and the Profiled Polycarbonate Panel. Both are ideal for Agricultural growing areas, seeding frames, skylights, riding arenas basically any requirement for “glass-like” uses. A Polycarbonate Clear Ridge Cover that has the capability of eliminating 98% UV light is also an option.

Polycarbonate Century Rib Panels diagram


  • Polycarbonate UV Resistant Panel
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty on yellowing or loss of light transmission
  • Up to 90% light transmission
  • 20 times the impact resistance of fiberglass of equal thickness
  • Resists breaking or cracking due to hail, wind and accidental impact


Agricultural Growing Areas, Seeding Frames, Skylights, Riding Arenas and requirements for “Glass-like” uses

Storage Sizes

Sheet: 38” x 12’ with Coverage of 36”.
Thickness: 0.8 mm (0.032”)


Acclimate panels for 24 hrs. prior to installation.
Panels must be stored flat and out of rain or sun.


Pre-drill holes 1/8” larger than screws.  Fasten on 24” centres on wood structure.  Maintain a minimum roof pitch of 3/12. Bends to gentle curves.


  • Large Tab Century Foam Closures c/w tape

Measurement Type