It’s What Makes Agway Easier To Do Business With

Results driven solutions only succeed in relationships based on a foundation of honesty, expertise and action. For over 40 years Agway’s diverse solutions comprise a range of product lines focused on residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial and institutional market applications. Agway ensures that every steel solution it delivers meets or exceeds the specific demands and expectations of the Customer.

It’s the expertise, diligence and responsiveness of our people that ensure we deliver steel solutions that work. From cladding, roofing and decking, to specialized accessories and custom-formed shapes for innovative construction projects, Agway’s industry leadership and product lines are complemented by the specialized knowledge, commitment and responsiveness of our people, who ensure that each and every Customer finds Agway Easier to do Business with.

As individuals, every one of us at Agway expects and demands the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour in everything we do – from ourselves and from all colleagues and team members. These shared beliefs and values are the foundation upon which we continue to build longstanding relationships of trust and partnership among our customers, who are the lifeblood of our success.

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At Agway, we know our success depends entirely on the success of our customers. ** That’s why all functions and business processes are focused on making Agway Easier to deal with than anyone – a corporate promise to which we all ascribe and practice with commitment. That demands that we react quickly, and decisively to solve problems and ensure the continued validity of that promise.

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In Pursuit of Perfection

Since we’re human, achieving perfection in our operations is impossible. That doesn’t stop us striving each day to move just a little closer to it. If we do make a mistake, the appropriate Agway teams immediately swing into action and work in concert to rectify the problem quickly. If something’s wrong, we’ll make it right, that’s a promise you can count on.

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Agway sales personnel are among our greatest resources, because their expertise and commitment go far beyond product knowledge and into the realm of collaborative solutions providers. We know that customer satisfaction is driven by how we interact and service our Customers, and that each of our sales people personifies our brand. Consequently, each of them is genuinely committed to actualizing our corporate promise to be “Easier to do Business with,” a promise woven deeply throughout the fabric of our corporate culture.

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Every individual at Agway shares a deep commitment to ensuring we meet our product quality commitment 100% of the time. From our largest panels to tiny screws, perfection is our daily product goal, which is why quality is something Agway Customers take for granted – and something about which we’re very proud. Our focus on quality workmanship in our products helps our manufacturing specialists set industry standards.

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Each and every stage of our business process is critical to delivering solutions to Customers that are correct and on time, at Agway shipping is never an afterthought; rather, it is merely the final stage in the supply chain and, as such, is as important as every other step. We recognize timing is critical and aspire to a zero tolerance delivery policy.