Granite® Deep Mat Announcement

Posted 2022-11-30

Effective December 31, 2022, our paint suppliers will discontinue the Granite® Deep Mat textured paint system. Any customers who are expecting to do a second phase of a job that makes use of these colours should contact your sales representative and place your order before the 31st deadline so that Agway can reserve and or order the required material. Once the stock is depleted, these colours will no longer be available.

Wrinkle-Textured SMP

As a replacement for the discontinued Granite® Deep Mat system – Agway Metals will be offering the new Wrinkle-Textured SMP (or Wrinkle Coat) paint system.

The affected colours and their closest matches are:

QC 60133 Blue Grey
QC 60039 Jet Black
QC 60035 Graphite Grey
QC 60041 Sepia Brown
QC 60040 Deep Royal Brown
QC 09999 Deep Grey
QC 09822 Ebony
QC 09821 Graphite
QC 09798 Sepia Brown
No Match (discontinued when gone)

It is important to note that while both paint systems are quite close in colour and texture finish, Wrinkle Coat and Granite Deep Mat are not an exact match. It is not advised to match different paint systems on a project. As with our other colour systems, there are colour variations in different batches of painted coils and it is always best to complete orders from the same batch run when possible.

Please contact your sales representative with any questions regarding the new Wrinkle Coat system.