image of Optimum Rib
image of Optimum Rib
image of Optimum Rib
image of Optimum Rib
image of Optimum Rib
image of Optimum Rib

Optimum Rib

A very popular profile for agricultural roof or wall applications, our economical, easy-to-install, Optimum Rib lightweight panels add a professionally finished look to the exterior of any structure. For convenience and versatility, these weather resistant panels can be installed vertically or horizontally. Available in a wide range of colours, Agway’s Optimum Rib profile, combined with available trims, vents, fasteners and other accessories provides a complete cladding solution for any project.


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Profile Picture

profile picture of optimum rib

Available Colours

Perspectra Plus

Beige colour


Black colour


BoneWhite colour

Bone White

BrightRed colour

Bright Red

BrightWhite colour

Bright White

BriteBlue colour

Brite Blue

Burgundy colour


CambridgeWhite colour

Cambridge White

Charcoal colour


Coffee colour


DarkBrown colour

Dark Brown

DarkRed colour

Dark Red

Gold colour


Green colour


HeronBlue colour

Heron Blue

LinerWhite colour

Liner White

MelchersGreen colour

Melchers Green

MetroBrown colour

Metro Brown

MistGreen colour

Mist Green

PacificTurquoise colour

Pacific Turquoise

PebbleKhaki colour

Pebble Khaki

RegentGrey colour

Regent Grey

SlateBlue colour

Slate Blue

SlateGrey colour

Slate Grey

StoneGrey colour

Stone Grey

Tan colour


TileRed colour

Tile Red

WhiteWhite colour

White White

Wrinkle Coat

GdmBlueGrey colour

Deep Grey

GdmJetBlack colour


GdmGraphiteGrey colour


GdmSepiaBrown colour

Sepia Brown

Plain Finishes

GalvalumePlus colour

Galvalume Plus

Galvanized colour