Website Update 3.0

Posted 2022-02-15

As part of our ongoing digital updates, 2021 saw significant changes to our website. We made several upgrades to the appearance of the site as well as to the code that drives the content in order to make it easier than ever to access information relevant to all of our products and services.

These changes are evident immediately when landing on the homepage with a new layout showing larger page images and access to all the site content available from several drop-down menus across the top of the page. The new Favourite Pages section on the homepage stores each users top 6 most visited pages for quick access and the Product Categories menu has been colour coded to match its print counterpart for consistent visual communication of product delineation. Finally the News section has been simplified to a rolling kiosk of the four most current news items published to the site ensuring that users will have easy access to these articles.

Some of the most impactful changes can be observed on the new product page templates. Each product category is now visible at the top of the page supported by product colour coding for quick and easy reference. All visual elements on the page have been increased in size for ease of reading specifications and measurements. Additionally all products are reviewed and updated to ensure that the most current information on each is presented.

Where possible we are incorporating images with text throughout the site in order to facilitate quick and easy access to information (example: Printed Material, Roofing Details and others). Finally due to the sites responsive coding, finding products and services on any device has never been easier.