Granite® Deep Mat Announcement

Effective December 31, 2022, our paint suppliers will discontinue the Granite® Deep Mat textured paint system.

Metallic Series Announcement

Due to ongoing supply chain interruptions, the METALLIC series finishes will now be produced using a 1-pass, 2-coat process.

ICI Envelope Solutions

Your go-to source for quality wall cladding profiles, Agway also offers a full range of complementary products, accessories and custom services, everything you need to complete your project, easily and on budget.

Agricultural Envelope Solutions

Our selection of steel wall and roofing profiles paired with our extensive range of accessory products makes Agway your one stop shop for agricultural projects.

Metal Roofing Solutions

Offered in several unique profiles in over 30 colours, practical with an architectural flare, Agway's roofing products are the perfect fit for any building project.